Dec 19, 2023

Enhancing Referral Marketing with Clicki: CRM Integration Tactics

Kendall Hines

1. Automate Invites: CRM -> Clicki

  • Functionality: Automatically invite each new customer to your referral program.

  • Benefit: Ensures consistent engagement and maximizes participation in the referral program.

  • Process: Integration with CRM triggers an invite upon addition of a new customer record.

2. Auto Bonus Payout: CRM -> Clicki

  • Functionality: Automatically check if a new customer is a referred individual in Clicki.

  • Benefit: Streamlines the reward process, enhancing promoter motivation.

  • Process: On identifying a match, Clicki auto-approves and processes the reward to the referrer.

3. New Referrals to Sales Pipeline: Clicki -> CRM

  • Functionality: Push new referral leads into your sales pipeline management software.

  • Benefit: Ensures high-quality leads are promptly acted upon, improving conversion rates.

  • Process: Seamless integration enables the direct transfer of referral leads to your sales team.

Conclusion: Integrating Clicki with your CRM system automates key aspects of your referral program, from inviting new customers to managing rewards and efficiently handling new leads. This integration is vital for leveraging the full potential of referral marketing, ensuring a streamlined process and improved business outcomes.

This article details the specific tactical connection points between Clicki and CRM systems, focusing on automating invites, reward payouts, and the handling of new referral leads.

Kendall Hines

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