Dec 29, 2023

Case Study: Polite Pest Control’s Success with Clicki in 2023

Kendall Hines


In 2023, Polite Pest Control, a renowned pest control service provider based in Arizona, leveraged Clicki's referral program to enhance its customer acquisition and marketing efforts. This case study explores how Polite Pest Control, using Clicki, achieved an impressive 62% conversion rate from 144 referrals, significantly reducing their cost per lead to below $10.

Company Background: Polite Pest Control

  • Location: Arizona (Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale)

  • Size: 1-2M in Annual recurring revenue

  • Services: Comprehensive pest control, including ants, bed bugs, bees, termites, rodents, scorpions.

  • Objective: To increase customer acquisition and reduce marketing costs while maintaining quality service.


Polite Pest Control faced the challenge of high customer acquisition costs and a competitive market. They needed a cost-effective strategy to attract more customers without compromising service quality.

Solution: Implementing Clicki

  • Fully Automated Referral Program: Integration of Clicki’s automated referral system into Polite Pest Control’s operations.

  • Fieldroutes Connection: Seamless integration with Fieldroutes, their operational software, for streamlined processes.

  • Customized Referral Rewards: Tailored rewards suitable for Polite Pest Control’s customer base to encourage participation.

Strategies Employed

  1. Targeted Referral Incentives: Focused on customers in specific service areas using Clicki's GeoBounty™.

  2. Engagement through Clicki's Branded Promoter App: Utilized to send push notifications and keep customers engaged.

  3. 1-Click Payouts: Simplified reward system for quick and efficient customer gratification.


  • 144 Referrals Acquired: Through Clicki’s AI-driven system, Polite Pest Control managed to attract 144 new referrals.

  • 62% Conversion Rate: A significant percentage of these referrals converted to loyal customers.

  • Cost Per Lead Below $10: Drastically reduced from previous marketing strategies.


  • Improved ROI: The high conversion rate and reduced cost per lead indicate a strong return on investment.

  • Customer Engagement: The automated system and targeted approach increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

  • Efficiency: The integration with Fieldroutes and the use of Clicki's automated features saved time and resources.


Polite Pest Control's implementation of Clicki’s referral program in 2023 stands as a testament to the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies in the pest control industry. By embracing Clicki's innovative technology, Polite Pest Control not only reduced its customer acquisition costs but also enhanced its operational efficiency and customer engagement. This success story underscores the potential of referral marketing as a powerful tool for business growth, especially in service-oriented sectors.

Kendall Hines

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