Jan 4, 2024

Mortgage and Real Estate Referral Software: How Clicki innovates & Navigating the Compliance Landscape

Kendall Hines

The Innovative Edge in Referral Programs

In the highly regulated mortgage and real estate industries, professionals are often in search of creative and compliant referral solutions. Clicki emerges as a platform offering just that — a compliant route to rewarding referrals without directly compensating for closed sales. This approach piques curiosity and calls for a deeper dive into potential use cases within the industry.

Referral Rewards Reimagined

Clicki's model stands out by rewarding actions, not outcomes. Traditionally, referral programs have been outcome-focused, rewarding successful closures. Clicki, however, has taken a step back to reevaluate what can be rewarded within the confines of legal guidelines, sparking interest in the flexibility of referral program incentives.

Payouts with a Purpose

One significant advantage of Clicki's system is the source of payout funds. By ensuring that rewards are distributed directly from Clicki's accounts, not the accounts of the mortgage or real estate professional, there's a layer of separation that could help in aligning with RESPA regulations. This distinction means professionals aren't directly paying for referrals, which is a crucial consideration under RESPA's anti-kickback provisions.

Addressing the 1099 Puzzle

A vital component of compliance is the handling of tax liabilities. Clicki steps up by taking on the responsibility of issuing 1099 forms to promoters who earn over $600 within a fiscal year. This not only eases the administrative burden on professionals but also situates Clicki as the responsible party for managing this aspect of the referral program, potentially mitigating any direct tax implications for the professionals using the platform.

Pay-per-Click: A Compliant Strategy

At the core of Clicki's compliance-centric design is the pay-per-click model, a system that compensates promoters for verified human interactions rather than closed deals. This shifts the focus from the end result of a sale to the earlier stage of lead generation — a nuance that may provide a compliant path forward for industry professionals who are already accustomed to paying for lead services.

Complementing Current Practices

For many professionals, paying for lead generation services is a standard practice. Clicki integrates with this existing framework by providing a tool that compensates for the initial referral click — a subtle yet significant difference from paying for a successful sale. This approach aligns with the common industry practice of investing in lead generation, staying clear of the restrictions on paying for business referrals.

The Clicki Advantage

Beyond compliance, Clicki offers mortgage brokers and real estate professionals a competitive edge. With Clicki, they can:

  • Enhance Brand Visibility: Through targeted campaigns that drive clicks and interest.

  • Improve Customer Engagement: By incentivizing promoters to share their experiences and bring in potential leads.

  • Track and Optimize: With Clicki's analytics, professionals can refine their strategies in real-time, ensuring the best use of their marketing budgets.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: By adopting a system that's designed with both innovation and compliance in mind.


Clicki's referral program model presents a promising avenue for mortgage and real estate professionals to enhance their marketing strategies while adhering to RESPA guidelines. By redefining the reward system to focus on lead generation rather than sale closures, Clicki offers a potential path to compliance that aligns with industry practices. As the landscape of legal requirements continues to evolve, so too does the necessity for adaptable, forward-thinking solutions like Clicki.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The interpretations of RESPA laws are complex and can vary by jurisdiction. Mortgage brokers and real estate professionals are advised to consult with a legal professional to ensure their marketing practices comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Kendall Hines

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