Jan 31, 2024

Case Study: Eisner Laser Center's Three-Month Lasik Triumph with Clicki

Kendall Hines

Case Study: Eisner Laser Center's Strategic Integration with Clicki and HighLevel CRM


In 2023, Eisner Laser Center in Central Georgia embraced a comprehensive digital marketing strategy by integrating Clicki's referral program with their existing HighLevel CRM system. This case study delves into how this synergy enhanced their referral program's effectiveness, leading to impressive results within three months.

Company Background: Eisner Laser Center

  • Location: Central Georgia, with a widespread clientele.

  • Specialization: Expert in LASIK and laser vision correction, led by Dr. Richard A. Eisner.

  • Objective: Augment patient acquisition and streamline marketing processes.


Eisner Laser Center sought to leverage its existing client base to acquire new patients while maintaining a streamlined, efficient marketing system.

Solution: Integrating Clicki with HighLevel CRM

  • Referral Program Enhancement: Clicki's referral program was not only implemented but also integrated with HighLevel CRM to maximize efficiency.

  • Data-Driven Approach: Utilizing the combined power of Clicki and HighLevel CRM for deeper insights into customer behavior and referral tracking.

  • Automated Marketing Workflows: Leveraging HighLevel's automation capabilities to nurture leads from the referral program.

Strategies Employed

  • Targeted Referral Campaigns: Utilizing CRM data to tailor referral requests and incentives.

  • Automated Follow-Ups: Employing HighLevel’s tools for timely and effective communication with both referrers and referrals.

  • Streamlined Lead Management: Integrating referral data directly into the CRM for seamless tracking and conversion efforts.


  • 45 Quality Referrals: Attracted in a three-month period, a testament to the effectiveness of the integrated approach.

  • $13.00 Cost Per Lead: A significant reduction, indicating efficient use of marketing resources.


  • Enhanced Lead Management: The integration with HighLevel CRM allowed for more precise tracking and nurturing of leads.

  • Optimized Resource Utilization: The combined system reduced manual effort and time required for lead management.

  • Increased Conversion Potential: Automated follow-ups and tailored messaging led to higher engagement and conversion rates.


Eisner Laser Center's implementation of Clicki's referral program, integrated with HighLevel CRM, demonstrates a strategic approach to digital marketing in the healthcare sector. This dual-platform integration not only reduced costs but also enhanced the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. It serves as a model for other healthcare providers looking to optimize their marketing strategies.

Kendall Hines

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